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Chaos Daemons: Possible alternative for Chaos fanatics? Or not..?

Some time in 2009, I realized I had quite many Daemon Princes, so I thought "buying a couple of Greater Daemons and some lesser Daemons should get me a Daemon army". And so, I bought a Balrog (Bloodthirster), a Keeper of Secrets and some Plague Bearers. I was aiming for a "Daemonzilla" list, comprising of 2 Greater Daemons, 3 squads of 7 plague bearers and 3 Nurgle Daemon Princes. The plan was that the T6 monstrosities would withstand a lot of shooting and survive, making a counter-attack right on enemy armour, thus disabling the enemy's big guns.

In the beginning, I was hearing that Daemons are a very strong army. After seeing every "zilla" list played by others getting crushed to a pulp, I reconsidered. After my 5 first battles (with a newer list, more on that later), I reconsidered even more..!

To begin with, Daemons rely largely on pure luck. And that luck is needed TWICE before you even start fighting or applying tactics; First, the Battlegroups roll; You have to divide your army in 2 "waves". The first wave comes on Turn 1, the rest of the army comes in Reserve. That's fine by me, but, for some completely unknown reason, you have to roll a die, and that happens on a 3+..! On a roll of 1 or 2, the second battlegroup comes first, and the first stays in Reserve!

You can imagine how devastating this can be for the player! Yeah, ok, you can Deep Strike your close combat monsters right in the face of the enemy on Turn 1.
And then you can do nothing for a whole turn. So, as the only option to guarantee survival for most of your units (although they will inevitably be damaged/wounded and some might/will die from concentrated fire) is to put your toughest units on Wave 1. Oops, you rolled 1-2! Your most sensitive units are now on the board, unable to do anything (other than a Run move), and your opponent gets a free turn of shooting on them, and can assault them with his close combat monsters. Bugger..!

The other thing you can do, is to split your army as even as possible. This has the advantage that, no matter what, you will have half of your tough units on the board and so you'll be able to deal some damage no matter what you roll on the Battlegroups die. However, since only half of your army are the "die-hards", the enemy can focus on your big things, since the rest of your army is not a threatening as they are. The rest of your army might take a while to come from Reserves, which, combined with 1 turn of doing nothing, it really sucks having your second Bloodthirster arrive in turn 4, only able to act on Turn 5, or worse, arriving on turn 5 and then "game over"..!

And then, you have the scatter dice. So you don't really land where you want, only 3 out of 9 (or 4 out of 12) units will arrive where you want them. If you got 12 units, one will statistically scatter 12", which means it might land out of the board, on top of an enemy unit, or too far from the enemy.

In my test list, I had 2 Bloodthirsters, 3 squads of 7 Plague Bearers, 2 squads of 4 Blood Crushers and 3 Soul Grinders. I played against Chaos Marines, Blood Angels, Imperial Guard and Space Marines. I won against the first 2 armies, I got crushed by the other two.

My preferred battlegroups were: WAVE 1: Bloodthirsters, Bloodcrushers, 1 Soul Grinder. WAVE 2: Plague Bearers, 2 Soul Grinders.

Against the Imperial Guard, one of my Bloodcrusher squads scattered off the table and was destroyed. As a perfect damage mitigation/head-on assault unit, it was a huge loss for turn 1, I highly use them as damage absorbers (2 wounds each, with different wargear which allows wound allocation) and shock attack troops. The enemy then focused on heavily damaging the other Crusher squad and my Bloodthirsters. By the end of Turn 2, both my Bloodthirsters were dead, as well as the Bloodcrushers and a Soul Grinder, leaving me with 2 Soul Grinders and my Plague Bearers. I turned on the defensive, and managed to lose by only 1-0 on a 4 Objective game (he contested both objectives I was holding, I contested 1 of his with my Soul Grinder and he kept 1 more).

Against the Space Marines, I rolled a "1" on the Battlegroups, so I only had my Plague Bearers and 2 Soul Grinders arriving on Turn 1. One of the Soul Grinders scattered on area terrain and rolled a "1", and was thus Immobilized. My first Bloodthirsters arrived on Turn 2 and one was eradicated by shooting (after blowing up a Vindicator), the other got shot and then assaulted by Thunder Hammer Terminators. My Bloodcrushers arrived on turn 4, and on turn 5 assaulted the enemy, destroying a Scout squad and a 10-man Tactical Squad. Good job for a single turn, but too late to save the game, it stopped on Turn 5 and I lost 5-3 on Kill Points.

Against the Chaos Marines, well, the CSM are a very underpowered codex. I played against a solid Nurgle list (3x7 Chosen, 2x7 Plague Marines, 1 Daemon Prince, 1 Defiler, 1 Vindicator, 3 Obliterators), which I nearly wiped out.

Against the Blood Angels, I scored a solid victory, much due to the fact that Mephiston is easy to kill by someone with Blessing of the Blood God. My opponent played a Deep-Strikish jumper list, so I decided to split my army into even halves, as there was not much firepower on the table to take them down, and I would need to have my second wave coming near my lines to help with his invading jumpers. It all worked fine :)

In conclusion, these are the main problems of Daemons:

1. Battlegroups: It should just be like Drop Pod assault; half the army comes on Turn 1, the rest on Reserves, no "3+ and if you socre 1-2 the other half comes first". Not being able to assault and scattering is punishment enough.

2. Deep Strike: Having you whole army scattering 2D6" is too much in my opinion. You have to choose between either arriving too far away from enemies, or risking mishaps. If scattering 2D6", the models should at least be able to move, if not assault outright without moving. There could be a rule like "Scatter 3D6" and may act freely, or scatter 2D6" and may not move but may Run/Fleet and assault, or scatter 1D6" and may do nothing but Run". It's a fair Risk/Benefits ratio in my opinion, it sounds more similar to "disembarking" from a Warp Rift than randomly teleporting.

The codex entries are fine, I can't complain about the units. It's the mechanics which make them suck so badly. Alessio Cavatore said he is proud for making an army that is simple and hard to play. "Hard to play" are also the Dark Eldar, but they are not forced to rely on pure luck. "Hard" means "requiring skill", and random dice rolls are not a skill.

So, as a final conclusion, Daemons are a great alternative to Chaos Marines if you want fluff supporting unit effectiveness, but their randomness makes them just as underpowered compared to the other armies in standard games. The only place where I believe they shine is Planetstrike, and for sure can make Chaos Space Marines much more of a threat as allies in Apocalypse games.

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Chaos Space Marines: New codex, anyone?

CHAPTER 1: Bitching about how our current codex sucks in comparison with last edition Chaos Space Marines codex and the current 5th Edition codices of other armies, opinions on what was rightly changed, and what was unfair:

 As everybody knows, our best time was during the fourth edition, when I kept an army of each of the Legions mentioned. I enjoyed it much, I must say; I didn't always win, but I loved the personalized character and the variety in that Codex. And then, from what I know, players of other armies complained about the Iron Warriors being overpowered, and the result was throwing away the Legions concept as a whole. In the current Codex, everything seems to have been "stripped down" to mostly generic choices with little variety. I had to sell my Basilisk, and my Daemons went to the shelf, to be given away later.

 I got really disappointed with the new Codex, and when the 5th Edition & the current Space Marines codex came out, I became furious. Our codex was "nerfed" down, and the Space Marines were even further boosted. I got "Vulkanized" and "Kahned" a few times, and that's when I decided to stop playing for about a year. I started playing again, and got the other new codices in my hands. Then I saw the new Imperial Guard; More variety, ability to create several both competitive and themed at the same time army lists, and a big amount of new vehicles. Actually, no other army had to ditch previously owned models, except Chaos Space Marines (Sonic-armed vehicles, Basilisks etc, and I would dare to say Daemon models, as they are too generic and a waste of points in this edition, nobody really uses them anymore, especially since they got their own Codex). The Tyranids got a fantastic new variety as well, and, ehm, should I really comment on the uniqueness and customization ability of the Space Wolves and the raw killing power of the Blood Angels? I could go on for hours about how great their codices are, and how "overpowered" some things are as well (Mephiston crushed my tournament army almost single-handedly; The model is small in size, can jump from cover to cover out of sight, has better stats than a Primarch -see Angron's Apocalypse stats-, is as tough as a Great Unclean One, as strong as a Daemon Prince -Stronger than a Codex: Daemons DP for sure, and can go S10-, with as many attacks as a Bloodthirster and more Wounds than any other rational Power-Armoured model. Logan Grimnar makes Lascannons move & shoot, not to mention Thunderwolf Cavalry, Arjac, who can't be targeted individually and throws a S10 shot, and many more nice features).

Don't get me wrong, I don't whine that those codices are "cheesy". Everything has a points price, and I find them all fair. But, my issue here is that they *do* have those choices, and what we have, is: 3 HQ choices, which have the only difference on the Marks and possible Psychic Powers. And that's it. Daemon Princes are really weak compared to last edition, without the ability to get a 2+ Save (nobody ascends to Daemonhood wearing Chaos Armour or Terminator Armour?). Oh, indeed, Chaos Armour was removed too... Abaddon has a good chance to hit himself (as well as any other Chaos Lord with a Daemon Weapon), and even if he didn't, he costs as much as Logan Grimnar, who beats the Warp out of this over 10.000 years-old clone of a Primarch (not to mention making Wolf Guard Troops choices). Kharn kills a number of his own squad members along with enemies, but I can't complain, his background is awesome, his relatively cheap points cost and raw power outweigh this drawback. Lucious, Fabius Bile and Typhus are not as useful as before however, at least in Tournament play. Chaos Raptors became just overpriced Jump Marines, as they lost their Hit & Run rule, which made them so great and unique in the last edition. I totally agreed with the increased points cost and Toughness reduction of Obliterators. However, being suspectible to "Gets Hot!" feels really weird, as in their background story they still imitate their weapons (how can you burn yourself since you have "white-hot plasma coursing throughout your body"?). Possessed are a unit depending on pure luck, and being a Strategy Game, one can't pick his forces based on pure luck, but with a plan in mind. Possessed force you to make a plan for them right when the battle begins, which means that with an undesired result, you have a useless unit for way too many points. As for vehicles, I can't really complain, it's good we got to get Vindicators (so mine didn't have to go on the shelf along with the other models from last edition), although it kind of sucks that Dreadnoughts don't Fire Frenzy if rolling a 1 when Immobilized, or Blood Rage if rolling a 6 while all their ranged weaponry is destroyed, it was really fun and theme-promoting.

I know very well that the Chaos Space Marines codex will be the last codex for 5th Edition -no surprise here, I just hope the 6th Edition Space Marines won't beat us up as a codex again- (although I wonder why this happens, as Chaos Space Marines are one of the most popular armies..! Ok, I see that the lower-selling armies are now being refreshed, and they need that, but I simply thought that "primary" armies such as Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines had a higher priority -well, loyalist Space Marines do have that priority-), but at least this gives lots of time to design a good codex!

CHAPTER 2. Ideas, suggestions and opinions for a new Chaos Space Marines Codex:

Ok, enough bitching! After a long time playing and 3 different Chaos Space Marines codices, taking in mind the philosophy of codex-writing in this edition, my thoughts on a great new CSM codex are the following:

A. Keep the "generic" concept, as going back to Legions would be against the simplifying strategy GW has been following in the new codexes. However, there could be more HQ choices, reflecting both the spread of villains from Legions, leading their own Warbands, and allowing players to make their own Legion-themed armies and still have that "special" feeling (just like a Space Marine player is able to field a Master of the Forge for an Iron Hands army, a Captain on a bike for White Scars, etc).

My ideas for HQ Choices are:

-Daemon Prince; Ideal stats in my Opinion: WS6 BS5 S6 T6 I5 W4 Sv3+/5+, with options for Marks, Psychic Powers (See "Chaos Sorcerers" for additional abilities about Chaos casters, with immunity to the Perils of the Warp -a Daemon Prince is a Daemon himself, and therefore should be immune to the Perils-. Actually, they could just not need to take psychic tests at all, they are the power of the Warp incarnate!) and Wargear (Wings, Daemon Weapons, Chaos Armour). I wouldn't recommend Gifts, as there should still be a distinction between Chaos Space Marine and Chaos Daemons Daemon Princes. It's also very weird that Daemon Princes strike last when assaulting into cover, but this is more of a Monstrous Creatures issue than a Daemon Prince issue.

-Chaos Lord; I believe they are fine as they are: "Simple", with heroic Marine stats, although I believe they should confer some tactical asset which would make them more useful (being tainted doesn't mean one has forgotten his tactical skills!). Wargear for Lords with no Mark of Chaos could "unlock" several abilities: A) Chaos Space Marine Bike: Chaos Space Marine Bike squadrons can be taken as Troops Choices as long as they don't carry an Icon other than Chaos Glory (reflecting a Night Lords Chaos Lord). B) Jump Pack: Raptors count as scoring units as long as they don't carry an Icon other than Chaos Glory (Reflecting a Night Lords Lord). C) Unmarked Chaos Lords, not wearing Terminator Armour or a jump pack and not riding a bike or a daemonic steed may take the Infiltrators and Scouts Special Rules, which they confer to any unit they join and its dedicated transport vehicle (Reflecting an Alpha Legion Lord).

-Warsmith; Chaos Lord stats, Servo-Arm, Feel No Pain (due to bionics), Chaos Armour (2+ save), may not take a Mark of Chaos, access to Wargear, including unique Wargear, such as a servo-harness (actually, I once had converted an Iron Hands Terminator Captain with a servo-harness, how cool would be allowing servo-harness along with Terminator Armour? The Dark Mechanicus can have its own little patents!), and maybe a one-shot auxiliary Heavy Weapon! Another really interesting idea is an upgrade to an Obliterator Lord; No other wargear might be taken, keeps the Warsmith statline, gains a 5+ Invulnerable Save, Obliterator Body Weapons, becomes Slow & Purposeful and counts as 2 models for transport purposes.

-Chaos Sorcerer; Chaos Sorcerers are not reflected as the mighty psykers they are supposed to be. A Librarian or a Wolf Priest can now be much more powerful. Perhaps the ability to cast 2 Psychic Powers/turn could match that up, and perhaps some counter-psyker abilities (Chaos Space Marines really lack in that area, while the Eldar and all Loyalist Power-Armoured armies have some sort of psychic protection provided by their psykers, Chaos Sorcerers and Daemon Princes should for sure have some tricks to play on rival psykers!). Perhaps some protection from the Perils of the Warp should be there for Chaos Psykers too (living in the Eye of Terror sure makes you more resistant!), the most balanced thing I can think of is not having to re-roll successful Invulnerable Saves when suffering a Perils of the Warp attack.

-Dark Apostle; Lesser stats than a Chaos Lord, may not take a Mark of Chaos, Cursed Crozius (Power Weapon & 4+ Invulnerable Save), access to Wargear, confer an ability to a unit he has joined (giving +1 Attack or Rending ability -or both, or having to choose which one every turn- to all members of the squad as long as he lives sounds good and different than a Chaplain's ability), +1 to Reserve rolls for Summoned Daemons as long as he is alive.

B. Special Characters:

-Abaddon: People avoid taking him, because his effectiveness is not respective to his points cost. Having an average (compared to the other Space Marine top-of-the-line characters) close-combat character who has a chance of not only making no attacks, but also to hit himself can only be described as disappointing (explains losing 13 crusades though :P). Logan, Mephiston and other "lesser" in both age and experience characters can best him in a fight with ease, I hope he will fit his status in the next codex..!

-Kharn: He is great as he is; Perhaps give him +D3 Attacks instead of 1 when Charging. Blood for the Blood God!

-Typhus: Old Manreaper rules, please (+ Force Weapon)!

-Lucius: Same statline, same Wargear, although his Armour of Shrieking Souls ability should be changed to reflect the fact that he comes back to life using the body of his slayer; If Lucius is slain by a non-vehicle model, that model must immediately take a Toughness test. If he succeeds, he tests again at the start of its owning player's next turn and every turn after that (its doom is inevitable). If it loses, remove the model from play as a casualty and put Lucius back in its place with 1 Wound remaining. If that model was part of a unit, move Lucius the minimum distance needed to be 1" away from the unit. If he is killed again, the same applies for the model that killed him.

-Ahriman: Ok, here is the arch-psyker of the Chaos Space Marines, and is not nearly as powerful as a Farseer, and not really more powerful than an Epistolary Librarian. Allowing him to re-roll a failed psychic test and all attempts to resist or nullify his psychic powers suffering a -1 penalty (Psychic Hoods, Wolf Tail Talismans and the like) should be a must for such a master of sorcery. Access to powers of other Gods would seem reasonable, for such an arcanist.

-Fabius Bile: The random statline was quite cool, but even as he is now, he's fine.

-Huron: Perhaps his Invulnerable Save should become 4+, as he just turned Renegade, so his Iron Halo should still be there. Getting Feel No Pain from his several Bionics should also be taken into consideration.

-Where is Cypher? Bring him back!

-Doomrider would be a fun comeback as well ;P

C. Let's go to my ideas for the Elites:
-Chaos Terminators: Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, please..!!!

-Chosen: I find them fine as they are in terms of rules, although allowing them to mix their weapons more ("five models may choose <insert weapons list>" instead of "four models may choose <list of some weapons> OR <list of other weapons> OR <list of other weapons>").

-Possessed: The abilities that are now Random, should be available to buy with points.

-Dreadnought: Fire Frenzy if rolling a 1 when Immobilized, Blood Rage if rolling a 6 while all their ranged weaponry is destroyed or are otherwise unable to shoot.

D. The Troops are okay as per entry, but I believe cult Troops should be 0-1, unless a Lord or Daemon Prince with the appropriate Mark is present. Also, perhaps it's time to introduce Drop Pods? Oh, and give Khorne Berzerkers Rending (Khornate Chainaxes -Chop for the Blood God!-). And allow Noise Marines to take up to 4 Blastmasters, creating their own "Sonic Havoc" Squad, just like it was back in 3rd edition! Blastmasters are costly anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem ;)

E. Let's move on the Fast Attack:

-Bikes: They are okay.

-Raptors: They should get Hit & Run back!

-Chaos Spawn: Perhaps reducing its points cost (it's too expensive for a slow melee unit with no armour Save), giving it a 6+ Sv, Feel No Pain and maybe Rending attacks would make it something more than just a points-filler ;)

F. And the Heavies:

-Predator: Fine

-Land Raider: Fine

-Vindicator: Fine

-Defiler: Fine

-Havocs: Perhaps work on their points cost.

-Obliterators: Fine

G. Summoned Daemons:
To give a little more character than the generic dullness which exists now regarding summoned Daemons, I suggest they keep the same stats, but to be allowed to be marked for some pts/model.

H. I believe the Marks of Chaos should offer just a bit more than just +1 on some stat. They should also confer some other ability, and, in addition, when taken by Daemon Princes or Chaos Lords should affect the army composition (at least regarding Troops). Vehicles should be able to be marked as well:

+1 Attack, Furious Charge. A Lord or Daemon Prince with the Mark of Khorne may remove the 0-1 limit for Khorne Berzerkers, and allows vehicles in the army to bear the Mark of Khorne. On Tanks, the Mark makes them count as 1 AV higher when ramming, and when tank shocking, any models forced to move suffer a wound on a roll of 4+, armour saves allowed. On Walkers, it confers +1 Attack and Furious Charge.

+1 Toughness, Feel No Pain.  A Lord or Daemon Prince with the Mark of Nurgle may remove the 0-1 limit for Plague Marines. and allows vehicles in the army to bear the Mark of Nurgle. Vehicles with the Mark on Nurgle are surrounded by sickly smoke and clouds of infectious insects. They get a 5+ cover save and in addition have the same effect as Nurgle's Rot. Walkers with the Mark of Nurgle are also considered as being armed with defensive & assault grenades.

+1 Initiative, Hit & Run.  A Lord or Daemon Prince with the Mark of Slaanesh may remove the 0-1 limit for Noise Marines. Walkers with the Mark of Slaanesh get +1 Initiative and the Hit & Run rule. Tanks with the Mark of Slaanesh have the same effect as a Dirge Caster (commulative with another Dirge Caster). In addition, all vehicles of Slaanesh are able to replace weapons with Sonic Weapons.

5+ Invulnerable Save (or improve an existing Invulnerable Save by 1 if already existing), use two Psychic Powers/Turn (even the same power twice. Chaos Lords with the Mark of Tzeentch confer a +1 bonus to Reserve rolls due to their oratory skills). A Lord or Daemon Prince with the Mark of Tzeentch may remove the 0-1 limit for Thousand Sons.

I wouldn't worry about cult troops "losing their worth" due to the fact that the Mark effects I suggest confer bonuses they already have. Berzerkers still have higher WS (and Rending as I suggest above), Noise Marines still have access to unique weaponry, Plague Marines still have Blight Grenades, and they are all still Fearless ;)

H. And finally, here are my suggestions on Wargear/vehicles:
-Perhaps Chaos Lords should have access to Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields.
-Daemon Weapons should not stop all attacks on a roll of 1. If there MUST be some form of a risk, at least that shouldn't be causing wounds to their wielders. Instead, if punishment is necessary, just rule that on a roll of 1, the model gains no extra attacks and the weapon strikes as a normal close combat weapon (with no special abilities other than the +1 strength [due to its size]).
-It seems we lack in vehicle variety, especially compared to loyalist Marines. Perhaps a new Chaos Land Raider pattern would be nice, as well as Blood Slaughterers of Khorne!

I know many of my suggestions sound like a "previous codex comeback", but as you can see, I tried to bring them all to "5th edition philosophy". Some of them didn't even need any changes in my opinion. As you can see, I am not asking for a "Chaos Mephiston" or any "super-duper immortal units". I just believe we need our old flavor and variety back, in a way that we can have a wider variety of things we can actually use, catching up with the more recent codices. I know I am not the only Chaos player believing that. The only reason I started playing 40K again, and the main reason most old Chaos players (I'm 25, not that old, by "old" I mean Veterans from the previous Editions) still play Chaos, is because we just love it! Even with an out-of-date codex with potential for only 1-2 competitive tournament lists, we keep playing, even when the other codices simply throw dust to us. I just don't want to believe that this exact reason is the reason we are going to wait until a new codex (Chaos sells good because we love it, not because it is a super-codex).

With all the above elements I showed in my suggestions, I believe the Chaos player will have a hard time choosing from so many colorful and useful units, rather than go straight to "2 Lash Princes, 9 Obliterators, 20 Berzerkers, 10 Plaguemarines" because he has no other chance with other lists.

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Welcome, traveller!

Hello my friends, and welcome to my new 40K blog!

I am George, known as "Tzif" in my local 40K community.

In this blog I'll be posting battle reports, comments/remarks about rules & codices (expect a big amount of mad babbling about the new codices being overpowered :P), as well as some modelling/conversion tips (I'm not a pro painter, so no painting tips here!).

I'll start by saying a few things about me. I've been playing 40K since I was a teenager, somewhere in late 3rd edition. I've always been a loyal Chaos player, my main army being Chaos Space Marines. I also started Daemons a while ago, as well as Space Marines & Space Wolves (both Chaos-themed though ;P)

During my "career" as a CSM player, I've circled around armies dedicated to all Gods except Tzeentch (I despise him for reasons unknown, although he is included in my Daemons army); My first force was a Khornate one, then I added up a few Nurgle units. With the "late 3rd-arly 4th edition" codex I turned to Iron Warriors, and with the current one I play a Fallen Dark Angels-themed Slaanesh army. My SM and SW forces are Khorne-themed (one just has to love Khorne!).

With my Slaanesh army I won the Greek 2009 GT, but the list I play now has been modified since then. Anyways, now you have a rough idea of my gaming background, and I thank you for coming by!